Sharing Books

  • Make sharing books part of every day. Read or share stories at bedtime or on the bus.
  • Have fun. Children can learn from you that books are fun, which is an important ingredient in learning to read.
  • A few minutes is OK. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the story. Young children can only sit for a few minutes for a story, but as they grow, they will be able to sit longer.
  • Talk or sing about the pictures. You do not have to read the words to tell a story.
  • Let children turn the pages. Babies need board books and help turning pages, but a 3-year-old can do it alone. Remember, it’s okay to skip pages.
  • Show children the cover page. Explain what the story is about.
  • Show children the words. Run your finger along the words as you read them, from left to right.
  • Make the story come alive. Create voices for the story characters and use your body to tell the story.
  • Make it personal. Talk about your own family, pets or community when you are reading about others in a story.
  • Ask questions about the story, and let children ask questions too! Use the story to engage in conversation and to talk about familiar activities and objects.
  • Let children tell the story. Children as young as 3 years old can memorize a story, and many children love to be creative through storytelling.
For more information, please visit Zero to Three.