The Art of Being Normal
By: Lisa Williamson
David Piper has always known what he has wanted to be in life --- a girl. His family and peers have their misconceptions, but when people start whispering around school, will everyone find out David's true secret?

The Great American Whatever
By: Tim Federle
After Quinn Roberts, a Hollywood hopeful, faces turmoil at home it changes everything. His best friend Geoff convinces him to be true and come out of the closet. When he does things start to fall into place, but will he have a happy ending to his life story?
Symptoms of Being Human
By: Jeff Garvin
Riley Cavanaugh is everything a teenager should be, on top of being gender fluid. To deal with pent up feelings, Riley starts a blog that goes viral, but then is blackmailed that puts everything in jeopardy. Will Riley choose to stay true or walk away from what they created?
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
By: Mackenzi Lee
Henry "Monty" Montague lives a life of chaos, fun, and pleasure, despite being raised as a true gentleman. Facing pressures to take over the family estate he embarks on a trip, even though he is in love with his best friend Percy. His adventure turns into a manhunt across Europe that makes him second guess everything, even the love of his life.

Openly Straight
By: Bill Konigsberg
Rafe is your average normal teenager that so happens to be gay and who's out and proud. He transfers to an all boys' boarding school where he keeps his identity a secret. As he is approached by a teacher to write about his story he falls in love with a boy, who doesn't know if love exists. Will Rafe write his experience and win the love of his crush in the process?
The Upside of Unrequited
By: Becky Albertalli
Molly Peskin falls fast and crushes hard for boys, but no one ever knows. Her twin sister becomes involved with the cute new girl at school, who also comes with a cute side-kick that Molly can't resist. But will Molly finally get her first kiss with him or will someone else come into play?
The Gallery of Unfinished Girls
By: Lauren Karcz
Mercedes Moreno is an artist that is facing a serious creative block all while being in love with her best friend, Victoria. She is invited to an estate by a new neighbor that provides a solace from the messy reality she knows. Mercedes has to choose whether to face her problems in real life or stay within the comforts of this sanctuary.  
It's Not Like It's a Secret
By: Misa Sugiura
Sano Kiyohara has many secrets, one of them being she wants to be with girls. When she finally moves to California she falls in love with her best friend, but that comes with plenty of social problems. Sana figures out that being honest with herself and everyone else was the easy part, what comes after that not so much. 
Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda
By: Becky Albertalli
Theatre geek Simon Spier loves drama and also loves to keep him being gay a secret. His secret becomes compromised when an email falls into the wrong hands and his pen-pal friendship with Ben is at risk of being exposed. That is, if he plays the wingman part to the class clown then his secret is safe. Simon is now placed in the ultimate plot twist in his life.