Grand Opening Banner


Businesses are permitted 1 grand opening banner permit. This permit is for a maximum of 30 days. This permit does not count towards the 4 permitted special events per calendar year.

Number of Banners

One banner is permitted per street side of the tenant space. If your business is located on a corner, call us at 714-765-5139 after you have completed your permit to check for eligibility for an additional banner.

For the Anaheim Resort

Businesses located in the Anaheim Resort are allowed a maximum of 1 banner. The banner may not be used to advertise products or sale events. If the banner is not for a grand opening, please contact the Planning Department at 714-765-5139 before you proceed with this request. Banner text is limited to the name, logo of the business and/or the name of the event.

Location of Banners

The banner can only be attached to the wall of the tenant space. Banners may not be displayed in landscaped areas, above the roof, or on public property.

Maximum Size

The maximum size of a banner is 36 square feet.


There is a fee of $91 for each permit.


Contact the Planning and Zoning Counter with any questions regarding your special event or the application process at 714-765-5139 or speak with a planner at the Planning and Zoning Public Service Counter in City Hall East. Public parking is available in the parking structure behind City Hall East and North of the City Hall.